September 14, 2018

Looking through the rear-view mirror of inquiry over my lifetime (so far), I have come to believe that in the mysteries of our lives, there are two key elements which guide you: inspiration and wellness. Each discipline I studied, in whatever technical language that it...

July 11, 2018

I danced with a caterpillar today.

Ours was an accidental meeting.

I was strolling the poolside concrete

Of conglomerate rock

That was secretly embedded

within a sacred forest retreat.

Me …

Not sacred.

On the run

From God’s intimacy.

The caterpillar …

Being profoundly itself

As i...

May 18, 2018

We spend every minute of every day living into our beliefs about who we are. That is how we maintain our grounding in the world.  Like the waves of the sea, we trust in them; they form a consistent presence for our identity and they will continue to brush up against th...