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Part 5 - No More Distractions, Please! - Creating the World You Yearn For

How come there are so many distractions on my path to success?! Every time I start to gain traction in making a difference something seems to pull me off track! I often feel like I am wandering in a billboard jungle with distractions tugging at me in every direction. My vision of the world I yearn for rests firmly on the horizon - but I'm not sure how to get there from here.

I have a clear vision of what I can bring to the table to create a world that I yearn for - for myself and my kids. I can line up the steps to achieve my simple solution - first this,..than that - and I have talked to many about my ideas to make sure my perceptions are on target. I feel good about it; right direction, right perception.

Then I turn on the news to tune into the latest Administration gossip, then notice that Homeland is now airing Season 6. I call a good friend to share my updates and before you know it, my evening is over. Distracted!

This article is Part 5 of the blog series Creating the World You Yearn For intended to help us collectively build a world we are proud of, worthy of our children and based on integrity of spirit and creative innovation. In Part 4 - Can You Succeed? we acknowledged that our vision of a better world left us standing on a ledge overlooking the abyss between life today and the world we yearn for. Armed with right perception and right direction we set out now on our journey.

3 Types of Distraction

Having affirmed your decision to create the world you yearn for - you would have turned back by now if you didn't - you will encounter distractions at every turn along your journey. Distractions, which are everywhere, can be difficult to identify because they often disguise themselves as important things we must to first; and the things we yearn for most we move to the back burner. Sound familiar? We each have our own list we can create. Here are a few of mine:

  • "I have to organize my emails before I finish my blog"

  • "I need to pay my bills"

  • "My kid is sick"

  • "Homeland is on"

  • "I need to clean the kitchen"

  • "I'm too tired"

To this I say B.S.! Yes, we need to keep a healthy eye on our everyday lives, but there is a lot of flotsam that can removed. If your pleas and excuses doesn't quite pass the "smell test" consider looking at some of the distractions in your path. Once we clear the mental or physical 'debris' from our path, our efforts can begin to root and gain traction.

Below are the three biggest distractions we all have that will pose serious roadblocks to making an impact on the world if, that is, they are left unattended.

Deposited Debris

Many distractions are deposited in our paths from other people or events. These deposited distractions are challenges posed by people or situations coming from outside ourselves. For example, when you meet a committed pessimist who sees the worst in situations, those pessimistic thoughts become deposited inside you. Hurtful negativity in relationships, as well as office or family politics yields an abundance of deposited debris - other peoples' problems that get put onto you.