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How To Re-Invent Yourself

Have you ever felt an important phase in your life is coming to a close? A time when you could foresee a major change on the horizon that has the potential to dramatically change your life? Throughout our lives, we experience major milestones as we transition from college to adulthood, from young adulthood to marriage or

parenthood, a mid-life crisis, and even a retirement. These are times in our lives when what we have been doing for years is no longer fulfilling, yet we can’t foretell our own futures. It can be a very unnerving time.

I remember such a time in my young adulthood when dating, finding new friends, beach going on the weekends, dedicating my non-work hours to the joy and discovery of the city and meeting new people started to lose* my interest.

The job that I had loved and been in for seven years seemed utterly flat. I was good at it, but my enthusiasm was gone. I wondered if I was depressed, but on closer inspection, I noticed I was simply done with a phase of my life. I had no idea where I was heading. It was time to re-invent myself!

Personal Re-Invention – A Primer

It may come as a surprise, but re-inventing yourself is a process! Here are the key steps in upgrading the current version of yourself into the next version of you!

Close the Chapter

The first step to re-invention is realizing you are about to close an important chapter of your life. This acknowledgment is critical to your sense of mental well-being. Hanging on to a life phase that has lost its vitality can cause a sense of emotional desperation, a feeling like your vital spirit is being tamped down or caged.

Acknowledging a chapter of your life is coming to a close can be a liberating experience as you become aware that you are shedding an old skin and embarking on a new adventure. Honor this change in your life and take the time to actually – or figuratively – close this chapter of your life.

Perhaps you can journal the highs and lows of this closing chapter, reflect back and put into words what the purpose of the chapter has been. Review all the nooks and crannies of your closing chapter – don’t hold back. What skills and character traits did you cultivate, what challenges did you overcome, what do you wish you had done differently, what over-riding contribution to others did you make during this period.

Finally, make a formal ‘Closing of the Chapter’ ritual. Share a nice meal or glass of wine with friends signifying your chapter’s close. Have them offer you supportive comments to both close this last chapter and begin a new one. Title your chapter.

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